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Willem Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven 1636-1728

Willem Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven
son of
Born: Jul 1636 in Flatlands, Long Island, New Netherlands
Died: abt 1728 in Monmouth, New Jersey
Married Feb 12 1665
Jannetje Pieterse Monfoort

daughter of
Born 1646
Died 1723

Aeltje Willemse Van Couwenhoven 1665 – 1689
Neeltje Van Couwenhoven 1669 – 
Peter Willemse Van Couwenhoven 1671 – 1755
Cornelius Willemse Van Couwenhoven 1672 – 1736
Sara Willemse Van Couwenhoven 1674 – 1761
Albert Willemse Van Couwenhoven 1676 – 1748
Jacob Willemse Van Couwenhoven 1679 – 1744
Jan Willemse Van Couwenhoven 1681 – 1756
Annetje Willemse Van Couwenhoven 1683 – 
Willem Willemse Van Couwenhoven 1686 – 1769
Jacomintje Van Couwenhoven 1689 – 1774

Original member of the Dutch Reformed Church in Brooklyn

Conover Bible Record: "1665, Feb. 12, William Cowenhoven married Jannetie Peters"


From the book The Conover Family

WILLEM or WILLIAM GERRETSE COUWEN HOVEN eldest son of Gerret Wolfersen Couwenhoven No 2 was born in Flatlands Long Island in 1636 He married first in 1660 Altie daughter of Joris Dirksen Brinkerhoff who died June 3 1663 and second February 12 1665 Jannetie daughter of Peter Mon foort Monfort or Monford Pieter or Peter Monfoort the common ancestor of the family in this country emigrated at an early period from the Netherlands He married January 12 or 17 1630 Sarah de Plancken or Blank at Amsterdam Holland prior to his emigration who after his death married second Lambert Janse Bosch Peter died January On May 29 1641 he obtained a patent for a plantation at the Wallabout on which he resided and for which he obtained a confirmatory grant or patent on August 17 1643 in which the quantity of land is given as 25 morgens by 4 1661 

He was a magistrate in 1658 and a Deacon in the church at the time of his death which occurred in January 1661 It was Peter Monfort's eldest child who married William The records show that her name was Janica Jannetje or Jannetie Peelers or Peters Monfort and that she was baptized May 12 1646 The marriage record styles William William Gerritse Van Couwenhoven William Gerretse Couwenhoven resided for a number of years in Brooklyn where he was magistrate in 1661 1662 and 1664 and a Deacon of the Dutch Reformed Church in 1663 From Brooklyn he removed to Flatlands where his name appears in the Assessment Lists of 1675 1683 and 1693 He was also an elder in the Dutch Reformed Church in Flatlands in 1677 In 1690 on November 1st he sold his farm at Flatlands to his son William and repaired to Monmouth County New Jersey where he passed his remaining years surrounded by ten of his children dying at an advanced age as he was still alive in 1727 Of his children thirteen in number only three Gerret William and Altie remained on Long Island April 23 1701 William Couwenhoven and Jonica his wife with others as heirs at law for 150 pounds sterling conveyed Jan Monfort's Patent to Garret Couwenhoven as per deed From proceedings before the public authorities see Vol IV pages 183 and 184 of O Callaghan's translation of Dutch Manuscripts on the 6th of July 1644 in relation to an Englishman named ohn Windwodt probably Wentworth a soldier who was accidentally shot in the house of Gerret Wolfersen Couwenhoven during an affray by Thomas Mabs also a soldier it appears that Gerret resided in a clapboard house situated on the flats where a garrison was stationed for protection against the Indians that his father Wolfert had a house near by surrounded by a stockade and that Ambrosious Lonnen also had one and there may have been others forming a hamlet or village 

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