Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Graffius Line to Robert Confer

There is a book about the Graffius Family, but apparently only about 25 copies were ever printed.  At one time (around 2005) it was online, but that site is now gone.  The only way I have found, so far, to see this is to order it through a Family History Library.

The Graffis story 
by Beatrice Wilson Kingsley 

Others have said that when they ordered the film, the photos and maps are not clear, and that it took a long time to go through it, longer than they could stay at the Family History Center.  I'm hoping to order it and go through it myself, it should not take me too long since our connection to this line is relatively short.  I would really like to find this book and get it back online in it's entirety, if at all possible.

Our Graffius Line

Johannes Grawius 1693 – 

Anna Catherine 1725 – 1770

Elizabeth Rothrock 1757 – 1845

Catherine Grafius 1797-1835

Martha Biles Anthony


Louisa McClure 1852-1895


Frances Marion Forney 1879 - 1943 

Freda Francis Aikey 1925 - 2005

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