Saturday, March 12, 2011

Surname Saturday

 Aikey, Aunkst, Brown, Confer, Lumbard, Oberdorf,
 Smith (two different lines!) Truckenmiller

All of our lines are mainly in PA.  We're still here, in a farm my husbands family has owned for 3 generations.. next to the farm they have owned for 7 generations.  In most cases, for a few generations back, tombstones are within easy driving distance.  I do need to make a trip to Berks county, where most of our ancestors lived when first crossing over.  Most of them crossed over from Germany. 

On my blog I have two sets of links. For most of our lines, I have a "page" that shows the basic outline of our genealogy, as much as I know.  (I just realized how many of them need updates!)  Then on the main page of my blog, to the right is a list of labels, with a link of all the posts on each individual surname.  I share photos, census records, wills, my research process... whatever I can find, on each line, in those posts.

 check out this image for Surname Saturday.  Awesome!  Another thing I want to make time to do - I want my own!  :-)

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