Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roy Smith b.1884

Starting with this cryptic note left by Marian Smith -

Yeah, that's clear as mud.  This is the entire piece of paper. If this is meant to identify a photo, I have no idea where the photo would be.

Marion's Dad was Howard Mahlon Smith.  His sisters were named Alice, Cora, Ellen, & Anna.  
Alice married Arden McHenry.
1900-Deed. Limestone Twp., Montour Co., PA, Grantor Index A-L 1850-1958, Book 20, page 126, Date of Deed 4-17-1900, Recorded 2-23-1900.
Mary Alice Smith purchased land from Mahlon Hagerman (her maternal grandfather)
 in Limestone Twp., Montour Co.

Roy's obit was in with the same paper shown above.  
I'm pretty sure there is a conspiracy to make this Smith line as difficult as possible.  Note the third paragraph - He's the son of Franklin and Ella Smith.
Then the fourth paragraph says he was born to Franklin & Alice Smith.
And of course there is no date on the obit.
Howard, Marion's father, did have a sister Ellen.  He also had a sister Alice - but she was Mary Alice, and she married Arden McHenry above..  so I don't think this is her.   So did Ellen Smith marry a Smith?  Maybe.    After all Marian Smith married Lloyd Smith...

Marian said Roy is Franks father.  The obit says Frank is Roy's father. The census confirms that Roy had a son named Frank..  so Frank, Roy, Frank.

But wait!  He's buried in Turbotville Cemetery!  That should be a lead..  except I have the records for that cemetery, and he's not listed.  Blanche M. Smith is listed on page 121, I need to go to the library and look at that page (I only have the index here on my computer)  My guess would be that Blanche M is Blanche Mabel (Cramer) Smith, second wife of Howard Smith..  but maybe I'm wrong.  (There is no Blanche, nor Roy, on the FindAGrave Turbotville Cemetery)

We DO know that Roy Smith married Blanche Diehl
So on to the census records - 
Name: Roy C Smith
Age in 1910: 24
Estimated Birth Year: 1886
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Relation to Head of House: Head
[Self (Head)] 
Father's Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Mother's Name: Sarah A Smith
Mother's Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Spouse's Name: Blanche J Smith
Home in 1910: Limestone, Montour, Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members:
Name Age
Roy C Smith 24
Blanche J Smith 25
Howard E Smith 4
Eva D Smith 2
Minnie M Deihl 16
Sarah A Smith 76

Sarah A Smith - age 76.  Born abt. 1834.  Relation to head of house says "Mother".  Really?  That means she gave birth to him at age 54.  Not to mention, his obit says his mother was Ella.  Or Alice.  Depends on which line in the obit we believe...

Name: Roy Smith
[Rey Smith] 
Home in 1920: Lewis, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Age: 34
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1886
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Spouse's Name: Blanche X Smith
Father's Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birth Place: Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Male
Home owned: Rent
Household Members:
Name Age
Roy Smith 34
Blanche X Smith 35
Howard E Smith 13
Eva B Smith 11
Thema A Smith 5
Frank S Smith 2
[2 3/12] 

Name: Roy Smith
Home in 1930: Limestone, Montour, Pennsylvania
Age: 45
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1885
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse's Name: Blanche I Smith
[Thelma D Smith] 
Name Age
Roy Smith 45
Blanche I Smith 45
Howard E Smith 24
Thelma D Smith 4
Franklin S Smith 12
M Elizabeth Smith 8
Helen I Smith 3 7/12
So if we go all the way back to the paper at the top of the post..  

we know Howard had 4 sisters - Alice, Cora, Ellen, Anna. Cora doesn't appear in the 1880 Census - it's possible she died young.   That leaves sisters Alice, Ellen, and Anna.  Alice married Arden McHenry.  Annie is then listed on the paper, then "the young sister".  Annie was the youngest sister! I'm so confused.  I guess I need to see if I can figure out who Ellen and Anna married.  And look for a Frank and Sarah and Jesse in a census...


  1. So the "Frank" and Susan pics are of Llyod's parents! I need to check and make sure I have the lineage correct...

    Benjamin Franklin "Harvey" Smith-3(David-2, John-1) was born on 16 Aug 1875 in Pennsylvania (TWIN - John Edmund). He died on 14 Dec 1941 in Strawberryridge, Derry Twp. Montour, Pennsylvania, USA. He married Susan Bertha Snyder in 1900, daughter of John Snyder and Mary Jane Ritter. She was born on 07 Sep 1879 in Anthony, Montour, Pennsylvania, United States. She died on 17 Sep 1964 in Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania, United States.

    Child of Benjamin Franklin "Harvey" Smith and Susan Bertha Snyder is:

    12. i. Lloyd William "Bill" Smith, B: 12 Dec 1908 in Anthony Twp, Montour County PA, D: 04 Jun 1991 in McEwensville Pa, M: Marion Lucille Smith, 24 Dec 1932.

  2. So is Roy Lloyd's brother? Some basic census records should answer these questions, just need to look!